REG - Leave of Absence

REG - Leave of Absence

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  • Eligibility

    At the end of a semester, students who have completed at least one full semester of work in residence and who are in good academic standing as determined by the dean of their college may apply for a leave of absence. Leaves are not given to students who withdraw from the University during a semester. Requests for a leave of absence must be completed and on file in the Office of the Registrar before the beginning of the semester in which the leave is to take effect.

    A leave cannot exceed 180 days during a 12 month period. Students must register before the first day of classes for the subsequent semester.

    Students who are Title IV loan recipients must contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to being granted leave for an explanation of the effects on loan repayment terms and the expiration of the student's grace period, should they fail to return from the leave.

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  • Note: Good Academic Standing is required to be eligible to take a leave of absence.

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