REG - Transfer Credit Request

REG - Transfer Credit Request

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    Petition for transfer of credit from another institution. If this is for an appeal of a current transfer articulation, please complete a Transfer Credit Appeal form.


  • Must be 7 digits.   Currently Entered: 0 digits.
  • Please use your email address


    *College or university must be a regionally accredited institution (Example: Higher Learning Commission).
    *Student must earn a grade of ‘C-’or better in a course to be transferred (unless a grade of ‘C’ is required at Valparaiso University).
    *A minimum of one-half the number of credit hours required for any major, minor, or interdisciplinary program MUST be earned in residence at Valparaiso University. Thirty of the last forty credits presented for a degree must be earned in residence; no more than the last 10 credits may be transferred.
    *Course must be a college level course.
    *Transfer courses will not replace grades for previous resident work earned for credit at Valparaiso University, but the requirement will be met.
    *Transfer courses are not included in your Valpo GPA.
    *Quarter credits are accepted as follows: One quarter credit equals 2/3 sem credit (3 quarter credits equal 2 sem credits; 4 quarter credits equal 2.7 sem credits)
    *CONCURRENT enrollment during the SAME semester at Valparaiso University needs a Concurrent Enrollment form. Concurrent enrollment does not apply toward a summer semester.

  • 1. Information About the Course to be Transferred

  • Must be 4 digits.   Currently Entered: 0 digits.
  • example: COMM-243-A

  • The catalog title of the course

  • Must be a number less than or equal to 12.
  • Type of Transfer Request
    Type of Transfer Request
  • Please remember to submit an official transcript of the course(s) to the Office of the Registrar at

  • By signing electronically below, I confirm that I am able to access information in an electronic form and I also agree that the institution does not need to provide me with an additional paper (non-electronic) copy of the document unless specifically requested.

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