REG - Concurrent Enrollment

REG - Concurrent Enrollment

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    Use this form to request permission to be enrolled at BOTH Valparaiso University and another university at the same time.


  • Must be 7 digits.   Currently Entered: 0 digits.
  • Please use your email address


    Academic deans may approve concurrent enrollment in the first semester for which a student requests permission. Requests for concurrent enrollment in additional semesters must be submitted to the Committee on Academic and Professional Standards.

    Students cannot get financial aid from two institutions simultaneously. Approval for concurrent enrollment is contingent upon the student remaining a degree seeking student at Valparaiso University.

  • Must be 4 digits.   Currently Entered: 0 digits.
  • Have you been concurrently enrolled at another university in a previous semester ?
    Have you been concurrently enrolled at another university in a previous semester ?
  • example: COMM-243-A

  • The catalog title of the course

  • Must be a number less than or equal to 12.
  • Please provide a brief explanation for the circumstance leading to this request.

  • By signing electronically below, I confirm that I am able to access information in an electronic form and I also agree that the institution does not need to provide me with an additional paper (non-electronic) copy of the document unless specifically requested.

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